Photo Joel Chester-Fildes

Simon Lee Dicker is a UK based artist whose work explores a discordant relationship with landscape, the marks we make on the natural world, and what it means to be a human at the beginning of the Anthropocene, a new geological epoch. From intimate drawings and transient installations to event based social activities, each work is the start of a conversation, often evoking ritual activity and personal narratives that involve other people in the production and presentation of work.

Simon Lee Dicker +44 (0)7967 756320


OSR Projects / Church Street / West Coker / Somerset / UK / BA22 9BD

In 2011 Simon co-founded OSR Projects, an artist-run organisation that connects people through artist-led activity, exploring new ways to see, hear, feel and think. From OSR Projects base in rural Somerset, they produce ambitious, playful and socially-engaged art projects, in the South West and further afield, placing people at the centre of artistic activity through creative partnerships, community collaboration, and diverse modes of engagement.