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The Flatlands – A Weekend at Hotel Palenque

  The Flatlands was first shown at Arnolfini, Bristol, UK, in July 2023 as part of OSR Projects A weekend at Hotel Palenque. “In Simon Lee Dicker’s The Flatlands, the screen showing his film is nestled beneath the other side of the discarded tyre stack that towers up to the ceiling as viewers first enter […]


see-an-enemy 2022 “As its crumpled body drifted past, Redfoot, still wearing its extraordinary erect war-corona, bent over and down, on to the spot Bluefoot had just vacated, and deposited there a single tiny anemone, an asexual clone of itself, generated and brooded within its body cavity, placed to occupy the neighbouring area of rock that […]

blue dot

‘It suddenly struck me that that tiny pea, pretty and blue, was the Earth. I put up my thumb and shut one eye, and my thumb blotted out the planet Earth.’ Neil Armstrong. blue dot, 2022  Digital print on paper Original image taken during a tour of Albion Quarry, Portland, Dorset. UK

Plan B17C

Plan B17C – More Star Wars Less Ponies. 2022 (Glazed earthenware and unfired stoneware clay, office table and bucket)  This sculptural work looks to an understanding of place beyond the dappled light of the forest and towards our human desire for energy, through consumption of natural resources, and the regenerative power of the non-human world. […]

The Friendly Society of Artistic Labourers

What is the friendly Society of artistic labourers? It is a form of radical work experience, It is where we come together, To listen and learn from each other, To push ourselves creatively, To think and make, To make brave decisions, To not be scared of failure, To share what we have made, And of […]

Memento Mori

Cracks, holes, furrows and faded spots have replaced the former life and intactness. They evoke death and show the artist’s personal experience in a collective consciousness of global environmental destruction…  Review by Sandra Ratkovic – Originally exhibited as part of OSR Projects Weather Station  (Simon Lee Dicker/Laura Hopes/Alexander Stevenson/Elaine Fisher) at Sluice – Exchange BERLIN 2018 Memento Mori (I) […]

Silent Swim School

Nestled between the words and actions of the day Silent Swim School makes space for listening and thinking whilst swimming together in silence. Run and play rough, duck & dive, eat & drink, spit, spout and nose blow, stand on shoulders, play horse, pet heavy, smoke, push and bomb. But remember not to talk.   […]

Red Hot Haystacks

Red Hot Haystacks is part of Passing Place, a collection of work made in response to a series of three visits made to the Orkney Islands since September 2015, and exhibited as part of the Odyssean: Topographies exhibition at Hestercombe Gallery, Somerset UK from November 2017- February 2018 and Silent Green exhibition at Villa Renata, Basel, Switzerland in June 2019. […]

Prospect /// Cotley Tithe Barn – 2017

Drawings made by fire and torch light with bats flying overhead. Tiles and oak box made with manual labour in mind. “I’m prospecting but what is it I’m searching for? Success? Wealth? Meaning? Glistening sheep droppings catch my eye. Is this what I have been looking for? I pick up a handful and put them […]

Weather Station – 2015/18

Weather Station (Part I & II) was initiated by Simon Lee Dicker and produced by OSR Projects during 2015 and 2016. An artist-led response to flooding and extreme weather […]

Red Sky in the Morning – 2015

Exploring ideas of separation and human vulnerability in the shadow of the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami this installation was first exhibited in 2015 […]

Ropewalker – 2015

Responding to the architecture and social history of Dawe’s Twineworks, West Coker, Simon walked twelve miles up and down the 100-yard long ropewalk […]

Unearthed – 2015

Unearthed (A seed that came back with me from a walk whilst thinking about Dawes’ Twineworks) is one of a series of 7 drawings […]

Prelude (IIIV) – 2014/15

Prelude (vii) – pencil on paper (410 x 310cm)   Prelude (x) – pencil on paper (410 x 310cm) Prelude (Xvii) – pencil on paper (410 x 310cm)   Series of 21 drawings of moss and lichen covered sticks made when I was unsure as to what I should be working on.

New Red Assembly (After Brian Rice) – 2011

Series of seven digital prints placed on a ‘no entry’ sign over a 4 week period. Representations of the sun appropriated from the internet allowing us to view one of […]

Escape from the Blackdown Hills

After finding the centre of Blackdown Hills ANOB (area of outstanding natural beauty), I completed eight ‘escapes’ on foot, […]

Landlines – 2004

Landlines used the invisible geographical lines of the British National Grid, superimposed on to the surface of Gunpowder Park, […]