Mycorrhiza and Extancy – AMP Gallery – London

 17 – 24 January 2020
PV Frid1
7 jan (6.30-9pm)

AMP Gallery
1 Acorn Parade
SE15 2TZ

Exhibiting Artists:

Bettina Weiß/ Jaime Jackson/ Simon lee dicker/ Stephen Harwood/ Sally Payen/
Anne Carnein/ Ruth Philo/ Eleanor Morgan/ Andrew Seto/ Alistair Gentry


Mycorrhiza is here employed as a framework to explore the ecosystems and survival strategies within creative and organisational spheres.

This exhibition explores the connective filaments that interweave creative networks by exploring sex, hibernation, deep time and breakdown. Mycorrhiza and Extancy draw parallels between ecology and politics, the many as one, the wood-wide-web, systems of decomposition and recycling. Mycelium is used to detoxify polluted industrial spaces as it has the ability to flourish in uninhabitable environments. The non-commercial arts in this country similarly operate in – and are shaped by -– a hostile environment, this exhibition and the current issue of the Sluice magazine is a celebration of the sectors continued extancy.