Silent Swim School (sssh)

Currently developing a UK tour to take place in 2021 – get in touch to be part of the tour.

Nestled between the words and actions of the day Silent Swim School makes space for listening and thinking whilst swimming together in silence.

Run and play rough,
duck & dive,
eat & drink,
spit, spout and nose blow,
stand on shoulders,
play horse,
pet heavy,
push and bomb.

But remember not to talk.


“I came to Jamboree because a close friend passed away the weekend before, I couldn’t bear to be around people I knew, but being alone amongst a group of strangers seemed to be the best place I could be. Sometimes manna for the soul comes in unexpected places. Credit where credit is due… I thank you! 🙂 x” Silent Swim School Participant 2018

Silent Swim School (River Dart) 2018 – Image Andy Ford

Silent Swim School (River Dart) 2018 – Image Andy Ford


Silent Swim School was originally developed for Jamboree 2018 // A National Gathering of Artists & Curators – Dartington, Totnes UK and was adapted (as an under the radar event) for b-side Festival 2018 // Portland, Dorset.